Monday, May 7, 2012

And we are back!

Well, we are back! The trip was nowhere near as stressful as I had been anticipating. The girls travelled beautifully thanks to Hubby’s brainwave of setting out at 2am in order to get four hours of driving under our belts before they woke up. The time we spent with the family and friends we got to see was time very well spent and we enjoyed every moment of it. The girls also got to feed elephants at the zoo and go on the Southbank Ferris Wheel.

Elephant feeding at Australia Zoo

Our accommodation everywhere we went was wonderful and we definitely want to give a shout out to Coconut Palms on the Bay in Hervey Bay. The manager was wonderful and the motel was amazing! We stayed there on our way to Brisbane and on the way back. The rainbow we saw over the ocean was just spectacular. My favourite thing about Hervey Bay was that you could turn off the main street and not even 500 metres down the road were amazingly huge properties with cows. My kind of place!

Rainbow over the ocean just outside our hotel in Hervey Bay

We also spent time with my aunt and uncle in Mackay. They are very close to my age and our kids are almost exactly the same ages. Bel and Willow had an amazing time with the cousins and we were really sad to leave. So much so that on the way home, the car broke down and it was nice to turn around and go back to them! We had missed my cousin’s birthday by only a few weeks so we took down a present for him of a magnetic fishing pole and some fish. It was very simple to make. There are loads of tutorials for them on the internet. I used steel washers that Hubby already had in the garage. It was a big hit! I cannot believe it, but I didn’t get a photo of the kids playing with them!

The reason for the big trip at the end of the day was to attend the wedding of my best friend. She had graciously asked me to be her only bridesmaid, so I has very honoured. It was a beautiful day, except that it was raining, misty and a top of about 17C. Obviously the bride was stunning and the groom is definitely worthy of her. The bride was incredibly understanding and allowed me to make my dress (initially I thought it was a good idea, but it wasn’t as much fun in the end…) so that I could feed Willow. Her aunt is a lactation consultant and thought that the best part of the day was me feeding Willow in the back of the church while photos were being taken! Out of the left over fabric, I made dresses for the girls, which got so many compliments! Unfortunately it was wet and cold and the end of the holiday, so the girls weren’t their usual sunny selves and we didn’t get a brilliant photo of us all, but what we have will have to do!

The Wilkinsons in Blue

When we arrived home, we had a new addition to our garden. We did a house swap with some really good friends of ours who also have two small children. Unfortunately their toddler wanted our garden gnome, Ivan, to be a bit more active than he was capable of. While they managed to glue him back together, they also bought him a new playmate to make up for it.

Ivan and his new friend, who is yet to be named
So now we are getting back into routine (yay!) and packing everything away. We have loads of birthdays and Mothers’ Day this month, so it will be quite crafty once I figure out what we will be doing!

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